How to safely operate a sterilization retort?

I believe that everyone can see the safety and health performance of the sterilization retort, because basically all the preserved food need to go through such a sterilization process, so as to ensure the health of food. The experience in safety is that the equipment should be designed with safety valves, pressure gauges and thermometers to ensure the safety, completeness, sensitivity and reliability of the equipment. In the process of use should increase maintenance and regular calibration. The starting pressure of the safety valve is equal to the design pressure and should be sensitive and reliable. In order to ensure the above characteristics, the operation method of sterilization retort needs to be carried out in this way.

1. Arbitrary adjustment should be prevented. Gauges and thermometers are of an accuracy class of 1.5 and the difference within the error range is normal.

2. Before entering the retort each time, the operator must check whether there are personnel or other sundries in the retort, and then push the product into the retort after confirming it is correct.

3. Before each product is put into the retort, check whether the sealing ring of the retort door is damaged or out of the groove, and then close and lock the retort door after confirming it.

4. During the operation of the equipment, the operator must monitor the operation status of the pressure gauge, water level gauge and safety valve on site, and deal with any problems in time.

5. Do not push the product into or out of the retort to prevent damage to the pipeline and temperature sensor.

6. In case of alarm during the operation of the equipment, the operator must quickly find out the reason. And take corresponding measures.

7. When the operator hears the end of operation and sends out an alarm, he/she should close the control switch in time, open the exhaust valve, observe the indication of the pressure gauge and water level gauge, and confirm that the water level and pressure in the boiler are zero. Then open the retort door.

8. It is strictly prohibited to operate the machine with disease. If there is any problem, should inform the equipment maintenance personnel in time. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble and maintain the machine without authorization.

9. When cleaning and scrubbing the equipment, the operating display screen must be protected to ensure that the display screen is dry and without water.

Post time: Mar-22-2021