• Vaccum Emulsify Tank

    Vaccum Emulsify Tank

    JINGYE Vacuum High Shear Mixing Tank, also called vacuum emulsify mixing tank, equips with vacuum system, high shear system, mixing system, mixer lifting system, operation platform.

  • Vacuum Mixing Tank

    Vacuum Mixing Tank

    JINGYE Vacuum Mixing Tank, has an enclosed round head on the basis of the ordinary mixing tank, so that it can equip with vacuum system, gives customers more possibilities when processing special products.

  • Emulsify Mixing Tank

    Emulsify Mixing Tank

    JINGYE High Shear Mixing Tank, also called emulsify mixing tank, the special emulsifying/high shear mixer gave him special functions in mixing.

  • Mix Tank

    Mix Tank

    JINGYE Mixing Tank is a container for storing and mixing materials. Made according to strict industry standards, JINGYE Mixing Tank has created value for our customers.