The use method and precautions of high temperature sterilization pot for meat products

The meat product high-temperature sterilization pot is a kind of equipment specially used for processing meat products, and is often used in the production of cooked food, sausage and other products. In order to ensure product quality and safety, it is very important to use high-temperature sterilization pots for meat products correctly. The following will introduce its usage and precautions.

1. the method of use

Operate according to the manual

2. Matters needing attention

Safe operation

When using high-temperature sterilizing pots for meat products, attention should be paid to safe operation. Do not open the lid at will, so as not to be hurt by high temperature and pressure. At the same time, follow the operating procedures of the equipment, and do not disassemble or replace equipment components without authorization.

Strictly control temperature and time

In order to ensure the quality and safety of meat processing, the processing temperature and time should be strictly controlled. Normally, the processing temperature should reach above 121°C, and the processing time should be scientifically and reasonably adjusted according to different types and specifications of meat products. For the abnormal temperature or time found in the process of processing, the processing should be stopped in time and the fault should be eliminated.

Keep clean

In the process of using high-temperature sterilizing pots for meat products, the hygiene of the equipment should be maintained. After each processing, the inside and outside of the equipment should be cleaned in time to prevent residues from contaminating the next batch of processed meat products. At the same time, personal hygiene is also required, such as wearing appropriate work clothes and gloves.

Regular maintenance

In order to prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure the processing effect, it is necessary to regularly overhaul and maintain the high temperature sterilizing pot for meat products. For example, clean up the scale in the pot, replace damaged parts, etc.

In short, the correct use of high-temperature sterilizing pots for meat products can ensure the quality and safety of meat products and reduce food safety risks. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the above matters during use to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and avoid food safety problems.

Post time: Apr-07-2023