How should a food company choose a pasteurization machine?

According to production requirements: production capacity, sterilizing temperature, sterilizing time, cooling water temperature, and then comprehensive equipment automation requirements, floor space requirements, etc. to choose the appropriate sterilizing equipment.

1. Select the type of sterilizer according to the production products, sterilization conditions, etc. For example, the spray pasteurization machine is suitable for the sterilization of fruit juice, beverage, jam, beer, rice wine, rice wine, canned food, etc.; the mesh belt pasteurization machine is suitable for soft packaging such as pickled vegetables, low-temperature meat products, yogurt, and jelly Pasteurization of food and beverages; the roller pasteurizer is suitable for pasteurization of glass bottles, tinplate cans and turnover boxes.

2. Determine equipment specifications based on production capacity, land occupation, etc. Product output is the basic basis for selecting processing equipment; the processing capacity, specification, model and power consumption of the equipment must match the corresponding output, and considering factors such as power outages, machine maintenance, repairs, etc., equipment selection should have certain reserves coefficient.

3. Advanced and economical equipment. When selecting equipment, comprehensive consideration should be given to its performance-price ratio in order to obtain an ideal complete set of equipment. And under the premise of meeting the investment conditions, we should pay attention to scientific and technological progress and investment, continuously introduce and absorb domestic and foreign achievements and equipment, and choose modern technical equipment with high precision and excellent performance as much as possible.

4. Work reliability. The failure of any piece of equipment will more or less affect the production of the entire enterprise, reduce production efficiency, and affect production order and product output. Therefore, when selecting equipment, you should try to choose serialized and standardized mature equipment, and take into account the stability of its performance. and ease of maintenance.

Post time: Apr-14-2023